Porsche Seat to Office Chair

  • 1x Porsche 996 seat. DO NOT get one with airbags. That would be very dangerous.
  • 1x 0.25"x1.5"x72" steel flatbar (Amazon)
  • 4x 11mm nut/bolt/washer pairs
  • 4x 1/2" nut/bolt/washer pairs
  • 1x generic office chair to sacrifice to get the base
Finished Product:

Finished Product

  • Remove bolted down parts until you're left with these two bars. Put them in the position closest to the body so that they're 12.5" apart center-to-center. Chair Underside

  • Cut the steel flatbar to produce two 15" lengths. Flatbar Lengths

  • Drill two centered holes 12.5" apart to use to bolt the flatbar to the chair's bars, leaving about 1.5" on one end. Drilled Holes

  • Position the flatbar lengths on top of eachother and align the holes with a pencil. Grip them together so the next steps will stay aligned. Aligned and Gripped lengths

  • Position the chair base on the bars and mark the holes for drilling. Take note that the base isn't centered on this bar. This is because the chair needs to be balanced on the base's piston, and the seat assembly isn't balanced around the center. Aligned base on lengths

  • Once the holes are drilled, separate the lengths and insert the 11mm bolt assemblies as shown to affix the base to the lengths. Affixed base and lengths

  • Measure the width of your flatbar-and-base assembly edge-to-edge and measure the bars on the chair where you'll be bolting them down to find out how far from each edge you'll need to center it. Measuring the bar

  • Use a vicegrip to hold the assembly in place where it'll finally go on the chair. Gripping the base to the chair

  • Use the holes in the flatbar as a guide to drill the holes in the chair's bars. Be sure to adequately vacuum the area while drilling. The metal shavings go everywhere. Vacuum and drill

  • Use the 1/2" bolts to keep the assembly steady after each drilled hole. Don't bolt them in, just insert them for now. Insert the half-inch bolts

  • After drilling, flip the bars around so you can reverse the bolts for easier assembly. Flipping the bar Flipped bar with screws

  • Tighten the nuts, making sure to use appropriate washers. Insert the base onto the piston if it wasn't already. Finished base

  • Presto! You're the proud owner of a Porsche office chair! Finished product x2

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