Why are we still on PSWM 1.7.10?

We get asked quite often why we are still on 1.7.10 and if/when we are updating to a more recent version. So here and now we will thoroughly explain our situation.

1.8 changed the format for models, going from pure java files to json. We have a relative ton of models from our ships to our weapons to all of our custom blocks. So a necessary thing that will have to happen in order for us to update versions is to painstakingly re-export every single model we have in the mod. While this will only have to happen once, and then moving forward everything will be in json, it will be an absolute HUGE pain to re-export and re-implement every single model we have. So that's step 1.

After all the models are re-exported, we have to re-work a ton (probably all) of the systems we have that will undoubtedly be affected by the code base changes in 1.8 and above. This means basically re-implementing everything from the ground up and trying to test along the way.

After all this comes the testing phase which, again, will be incredibly grueling. In fact, we'll probably have to enlist a ton of testers and have many test versions and fixes before we even release a somewhat stable updated version.

All of this is even more dependent on what version of Minecraft we update to. By updating our version we will also stop support and development on all older versions. This means that as Minecraft keeps pushing stable and mod-popular and friendly updates, we will pretty much try to stay up to date with them. Will we always be updating immediately? Absolutely not. We will try to stay on a mod-popular and mod-friendly version until we see that the community as a whole is moving on to the newer versions and that other bigger mods are also updating to them.

The real question though is "Do we even want to update to a newer, non-1.7.10 version?"


We want to keep developing PSWM for as long as possible and would like to keep it updated to newer versions so that it will always have life and a place in the modding community. Like we said though, the initial version update will be a real hell for us and we'll probably have to enlist some help from other modders and even have to have a small pool of testers. We want PSWM to have a healthy and long life cycle and that absolutely means updating our version.

Long post short, we will update the mod to a more recent Minecraft version. HOWEVER, we can not give a timeline on this. We think we may have an idea in mind in our development cycle, but there are a few more bigger things and code restructures we'd like to add/make before we even touch version updates.

Thanks for reading, and sorry if this seems like a random post to make. We just know that versioning is important to all of you in the modding community and we wanted to be honest about what our plans are. We want PSWM to have a long life and we hope you do to. But please, just bear with us for now and know that we are aware that we need to update our version in order to achieve that long life.



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