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Luke Skywalker, to C-3PO

What is Parzi's Star Wars Mod?

Parzi's Star Wars Mod is an attempt to recreate a playable experience of the Star Wars saga in the popular voxel game Minecraft. Among other things, Parzi's Star Wars Mod adds various new gameplay features and mechanics, including:

Parzi's Star Wars Mod

What is our goal?

We have tried to make this mod as canon correct as humanly possible. That being said, some intricate details and features were omitted or reworked to make the mod more playable, or in some cases, plausible in the Minecraft universe. We are just fans of Star Wars and could never possibly know everything about the entire universe and make everything in this mod 100% canon and correct. However, we did make this mod with canonicity in mind, and through long hours of research strongly believe that we have created a good example of a canon Star Wars experience in the Minecraft environment. If we got something really wrong or you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or problems with our mod, please post it as an issue to us on our GitHub. Feel free to make pull requests to fix bugs, but please contact us is you plan to change or add new features. We will get back to you as soon as possible and take everything you say very seriously and appreciate any and all support of our work.

Can I use this in a modpack or video?

Go right ahead, only if you put the appropriate credit (link and a mention to Parzi's Star Wars Mod). Thanks!

Legal Notes

You may NOT repost, reupload, redistribute, or otherwise make our mod accessable through any means but from this site, or through our AdFly (eith the exception of a modpack, see above). Any attempt to do this will result in a DMCA claim against your site, no questions asked.

When are the updates?

We have major large-scale per-movie updates planned (and in current development). So for now, bugfixes and small/minor tweaks will be accepted in the form of Pull Requests on GitHub. This is only the beginning of a whole new universe. Follow us on Twitter for updates and sneak peeks!